Noel Edmonds age, net worth, claim against Lloyds bank and views on cancer


Noel Edmonds age, net worth, claim against Lloyds bank and views on cancer
Meet Noel Edmonds: amateur cancer doctor, floral shirt aficionado and sworn enemy of the BBC (Picture: Richard Baker / In Pictures via Getty Images)

He’s forced people to open boxes, filmed himself in drag to mock the BBC and and gently asked a cancer survivor if he was being too grumpy.

Yes, lapsed TV presenter and radio DJ Noel Edmonds is indeed a national treasure, with almost 50 years of broadcasting under his belt.

So what do we know about him, his current legal battle with a bank and his very controversial comments on cancer?

Noel was born in Ilford, Essex in 1948, he turns 70 years old in December this year. After sending out tapes across Europe, his first showbiz job was as a newsreader for Radio Luxembourg.

From there he bagged a job hosting various shows on BBC Radio One in 1969, where he would remain until 1983.

Noel Edmonds age, net worth, claim against Lloyds bank and views on cancer
Noels daytime TV appearances have landed him in very hot water in the last couple of years (Picture: ITV)

During the 1970s his TV career also took off as he hosted Top Of The Pops, and kids’ show Multi-Coloured Swap Shop on Saturday mornings.

He also presented at the 1980 Eurovision Song Contest, and hosted telly shows Lucky Numbers and Juke Box Jury, as well as the original motoring series Top Gear.

It was on Top Gear that he first caused controversy by branding the Fiat Strada ‘not very good’ which angered Fiat, who threatened to sue the BBC. Surprisingly, the even more caustic Jeremy Clarkson remains the show’s most famous host.

During the 1980s Noel fronted the game show Telly Addicts, plus light entertainment shows The Late, Late Breakfast Show and Noel’s Saturday Road Show.

The latter formed the basis of popular 90s show Noel’s House Party, set in Noel’s fictional house in the fictional town of Crinkley Bottom, which ran for eight years.

Noel’s creation Mr Blobby, a large pink man with yellow spots who spoke gibberish, featured in the show.

Noel Edmonds age, net worth, claim against Lloyds bank and views on cancer
Noel during his rise to telly fame in the 1970s (Picture: David Warner Ellis/Redferns)

So popular was Blobby that he ended up with his own theme parks, called Blobbyland, opening across the UK, though many are now derelict.

After a few fallow years, Noel made his big TV comeback on Channel 4 with Deal Or No Deal in 2005.

The hit format saw contestants standing behind boxes containing amounts of cash, opened one by one, while a mysterious banker offered various amounts for a particular box.

The show was on until 2016 and Noel was paid a rumoured £3m to continue as presenter until the end.

Since Deal Or No Deal ended, Noel has presented Are You Smarter Than A 10-Year-Old? on Sky One, plus Noel’s HQ.

Noel Edmonds age, net worth, claim against Lloyds bank and views on cancer
Noel with wife Liz in 2009 (Photo by Ferdaus Shamim/WireImage)

Noel may be known for his cheeky demeanour but comments he’s made about cancer, and the dangers of modern society’s ‘electrosmog’, have hit a bum note in recent years.

In 2015 he was roundly attacked for attempting to promote an EMP Pad on morning TV, describing it to viewers as ‘a simple box that slows ageing, reduces pain … and tackles cancer’.

The spiritualist, who believes he is constantly accompanied by two ‘melon-sized spiritual energy balls’, even claimed to have been cured by the box after getting prostate cancer himself in 2013.

It then transpired that his former assistant Maria Robertson was company director EMP Pad.

Noel Edmonds age, net worth, claim against Lloyds bank and views on cancer
Noel with his long-suffering companion Mr Blobby (Picture: Getty)

More generally Noel has said he believes stress and ‘negative energy’ causes cancer.

In 2016 he clashed with a Twitter user, who was suffering from cancer, when he tweeted to him: ‘Scientific fact-disease is caused by negative energy. Is it possible your ill health is caused by your negative attitude?’

Noel has since deleted his Twitter, but in March 2018 he was interviewed about this exchange with the cancer sufferer, again on live TV.

Asked if he regretted it, he told Victoria Derbyshire: ‘No, not at all. I regret the fact that he didn’t answer the question. It’s a scientific fact that negative energy causes disease. And Negative thoughts are part of that energy process.

Noel Edmonds: 'I don't regret telling cancer survivor that his ill-health could be caused by his negative attitude. It's a scientific fact.' pic.twitter.com/PHnpIN9KqC

— Victoria Derbyshire (@VictoriaLIVE) March 13, 2018

‘If you are faced with a serious illness and you have to come at it with a positive mental attitude….I stopped using Twitter because you cannot have a balanced debate.’

He was forced to deny knowing what types of cancer are, and are not, caused by negative energy.

In addition Noel has also regularly attacked the BBC, joining a consortium to buy the coportation, and saying he hasn’t had a TV licence since 2008 as it is ‘sleepwalking itself to destruction’.

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He opposes the construction of wind farms, and was mocked last year for linking immigration to heavy road traffic when trying to get home.

But that’s not quite the end of Noel’s hit list. Noel is seeking up to £60m in compensation from Lloyds Bank after falling victim to a multi-million pound fraud a decade ago.

His former entertainment business Unique Group was ruined by corrupt financiers at HBOS in Reading, which was later bought by Lloyds.

Noel claimed the loss of the business drove him to an emotional breakdown and he was victim of fraud by the bank.

He recently confirmed his case was being bankrolled with a seven-figure sum by litigation funder Therium.

The DJ has even taken his battle to the airwaves by creating his own station to bash the bankers.

Noel Edmonds age, net worth, claim against Lloyds bank and views on cancer
Noel with TV host and radio DJ Justin Lee Collins June 2008 (Picture: Jo Hale/Getty Images)

Songs on the playlist take a thinly veiled swipe at the British bank, including Would I Lie To You, You’ve Got To Pick A Pocket Or Two, Money Money Money and I Need a Dollar.

And he claims to be pleasing the punters, with the noel.world website linked to the station saying it pulls in over 50,000 listeners.

There are also hilarious faked Lloyds adverts claiming they will compensate all of their customers.

Noel has been married three times and is currently husband to Liz Davies, who he met when she worked as a make-up artist on Deal Or No Deal. They wed in July 2009 and live in the West Country together.

Before that Noel was married to Helen Soby between 1986 and 2004, with whom he has four daughters called Charlotte, Lorna, Olivia and Alice.

His first wife was Gillian Slater, and their marriage lasted between 1971 and 1982.

As of 2018, Noel is estimated to be worth about £75m.

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