Samsung Galaxy S9 PRICE DROP: How Galaxy S8 owners can get £311 off the new model TODAY


Samsung Galaxy S9 Images LEAKED

A series of official marketing images for the new Samsung Galaxy S9 made their way online. Here's what the new flagship phone looks like.


The Samsung Galaxy S9 announcement is happening later today, Sunday 25 February, but as with any kind of tech launch, there are many leaks accompanying the run up to the highly-anticipating reveal at MWC.

Thanks to some leaks, we can roughly guess what sort of price the S9 will be looking at.

Well-known industry insider Evan Blass (@evleaks), who if you don't know has a pretty impressive track record when it comes to details about Samsung smartphones, has revealed the prices for the upcoming S9 models.

Evan Blass, who has an impressive track record when it comes to revealing details about the latest Samsung smartphones weeks before launch, has also published pricing for the new handset.

According to Blass, the handset will start at €841, which levels out at around £742/$1035. In addition, the S9+ will be priced from €997, which again, comes in at around £877/$1225.

So if you do want to trade in your S8 with the below offer, we'd do so sooner rather than later to get as much cash as you can behind you ahead of the curve.

You can read more about how to get the best price from your old smartphone below.

Samsung Galaxy S9 PRICE DROP: How Galaxy S8 owners can get £311 off the new model TODAYSamsung

Samsung Galaxy S9 PRICE DROP: How Galaxy S8 owners can get £311 off the new model TODAY

ORIGINAL STORY – Samsung are gearing up for the launch of their new Galaxy S9 phone at Mobile World Congress this weekend.

By now, Android smartphone fans probably know everything there is to know about Samsung's new flagship phone.

Such is the number of leaks and details revealed over the past few months in relation to the specs of the new device.

We even know what it looks like, thanks to months of leaked renders and more recently marketing images from Samsung themselves which somehow made their way onto Twitter.

However, there is one thing many of us won't know right now and that's how to get the very best deal for Samsung's new Galaxy phone.

Thankfully, there is one rather excellent bit of data worth taking note of before Sunday's big reveal and it comes from Music Magpie.

Apparently, now is the best time to trade-in unwanted Samsung devices, ahead of the much anticipated S9 launch.

Especially, last years Samsung Galaxy S8.

According to the second-hand retailer, Consumers can receive up to 25% more when trading-in ahead of a launch, in comparison to trading in after major manufacturer announcements.

An official press release from the group went one step further, telling Daily Star that trading-in a Samsung Galaxy S8 could give consumers up to £311 to put towards the new S9.

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Talking about the research, Liam Howley, marketing director at musicMagpie commented:

“Our study has shown that it really does pay to not hold on to Samsung devices for too long, as they depreciate at lot faster. With the S9 launch just around the corner, consumers looking to upgrade to the S9 can get more money for their old device now rather than after.

“While cars typically lose approximately 20% when driven off the forecourt, technology items can lose up to an average of 65% once they are taken out of the box, depending on the brand.

"Our recent phone depreciation study shows that iPhones hold their value better than Samsung devices, and while some technical difficulties have been reported for the iPhone X, the model still seems to hold its own over the Samsung models.”

For those looking to trade-in their Samsung S8 now, customers can expect to get up to £311 for a device in good condition, and up to £335 for an S8+.

For more information, head over to to find out more.

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