Union eyes legal challenge over Deliveroo “workers”


A union is seeking a judicial review of a decision that Deliveroo riders are not workers.

The Independent Workers' Union of Great Britain (IWGB) representing several dozen drivers for the food delivery app, is seeking to challenge a decision by the Central Arbitration Committee (CAC) which last year ruled that they are not workers.

As a result of the CAC decision, Deliveroo drivers could not be granted the collective bargaining rights they had sought to fight for better working conditions.

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The union claims the CAC has incorrectly interpreted the law and has today applied to the High Court to look at the decision, which was welcomed a the time as triumph for the gig economy by Deliveroo.

“The IWGB will not stand by idly while Deliveroo continues to deprive its workers of their rights because they successfully gamed the system, won on a technicality and benefited from a legally questionable tribunal decision," said IWGB general secretary Jason Moyer-Lee.

"This judicial review is about rectifying the situation and forcing Deliveroo to treat its riders as the workers they are."

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