Ice cream metal scare prompts national recall


Ice cream maker Golden North has recalled nine products across the country after a consumer complaint about metal fragments in one.

The South Australian company manufactures products for labels Black and Gold, Country Style, Foodland, Simple and its own brand at its factory in the state's Mid North.

The products have best before dates in 2019, ranging from December 4 to December 14.

"The recall includes some Golden North branded products and others it manufactures, which are sold under different labels," SA Health food director Dr Fay Jenkins said in a statement.

"Golden North is investigating the issue at its Laura production facility and is working with the regulator Dairysafe to address any issues."

"It is a voluntary recall that the company instigated."

Golden North said the recall was being undertaken "for precautionary purposes" and there had been no reports of harm or injury.

"The recall is being conducted due to the possible presence of small metal pieces in the ice cream," the company said in a statement.

A spokesperson said production line two has been identified as the potential source of the contamination, and affected products bore the mark 'L2' near the 'best before' dates.

Golden North recalled products (all L2) Best before dates (all 2019)
Black & Gold five-litre Vanilla December 4
Black & Gold two-litre Chocolate Choc Chip December 8 & 12
Country Style five-litre Vanilla December 7, 13 & 14
Country Style five-litre Krazy Kolors December 13
Foodland four-litre Neapolitan December 12
Golden North two-litre Vanilla December 5 & 8
Golden North two-litre Honey December 6
Simple two-litre Vanilla December 7
Simple two-litre Neapolitan December 7

SA Health said the recall was prompted by a consumer complaint.

"Metal fragments can be potentially dangerous and cause injury if ingested," Dr Jenkins said.

"[The company] is cooperating with SA Health and Food Standards Australia-New Zealand to remove the affected products from retailers' shelves."

Dr Jenkins said consumers with affected products could take them back to the places of purchase to receive refunds.

The recalled products are sold at the following outlets:

  • Coles and Woolworths (SA and the Northern Territory)
  • Foodland (SA)
  • IGA and Supa IGA (SA, WA, Victoria, NSW and Queensland)
  • Drakes Foodmarkets (Queensland)
  • OTR (SA) and at the company's offices at North Cavan in Adelaide

Dr Jenkins said the company notified SA Health of the issue late on Thursday afternoon.

"It does actually take a little bit of time to work out whether consumers need to be told or not," she said.

"We have acted as soon as we [could] get all of the information. We needed to know how broad the recall was going to be, we needed to know whether it had to be a consumer-level recall."

Rice sticks recalled after gluten detected

The announcement coincides with a recall of 120g six packs of Mamee Monster vegetable rice sticks, which were found to contain gluten despite being labelled as gluten-free.

The Malaysian-made product is distributed by SA firm ABS Sales and Marketing and sold at Coles outlets in SA, Victoria, Tasmania and WA.

"This product is marketed at children, but anyone who has a gluten allergy or intolerance may have a reaction if the product is consumed," Dr Jenkins said.

"The product is safe for consumers to eat if they do not have a gluten allergy or intolerance."

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